I’m Ally and thought it might be helpful to give you some details about the person behind the lens.

I first got interested in photography when I was given a Boots 110 camera aged about 9. I still have that camera today, though now its only for display purposes as quite frankly it takes really rubbish photos!

When I should have been studying for my A’levels I took an evening class in developing film and darkroom processes. I’ve always loved learning in relation to photography, I know there is always so much to learn. I enjoy both the technical aspects and the creative side. If I won the lottery I would probably blow it all on photography courses, though I expect Hubbie would have other plans….. ski chalet anyone?

Before I began my photography business I had 20 fantastic years working in the rail industry which included roles such as Station Manager at London Liverpool Street (it’s on the monopoly board) and London Victoria (not on the monopoly board but you have probably heard of it!) and also was Programme Manager for cable theft prevention in the rail industry.

I know that the thought of getting in front of the camera has most of us heading for the hills, so I make sure a photo session with me is gentle and fun, with the added bonus of top-notch photography. I’ve got you!