Alright, fellow small business dynamos, hold onto your Paso-doble capes because it’s time to step into the spotlight for your brand photoshoot extravaganza. Do Not Panic. I’m here to guide you through the process (and add in a few Strictly references!).

As your friendly neighbourhood brand photographer,  I’ve seen it all – from excited jumps to nervous giggles. If the thought of posing for the camera makes you as nervous as dancing in front of Craig, don’t worry! Here are 8 tips to help you strut your stuff and make the most out of your upcoming photoshoot.

1. Let’s partner up!

I want to know all about your brand’s quirks and dreams. What’s the vibe you’re going for? Whether it’s chic sophistication or casual charm, share your ideas, inspirations, and any specific shots you have in mind.  Pinterest is brilliant for this. 20 or so perfectly-chosen images will help me tailor the photoshoot to match your brand’s unique style and capture your vision authentically. 

2. Pull out the sequins, or not!

Now, picking outfits can be as tricky as deciding on your favourite Strictly pro. But fear not! Choose clothes that scream “This is me and my brand!” Whether it’s a power blazer or your lucky socks, let’s show the world who you are.

3. Who’s off to Blackpool?

Let’s pick a location that’ll give your brand the spotlight it deserves. From your snug home office to the charming local park you frequent  (I won’t blame you if you stop to smell the roses) let’s find the perfect backdrop that  tells your story through the lens of your favourite places.

4. Lovely finger placement dah-ling

Listen up, lovelies– perfection is out, quirkiness is in! Be yourself, embrace those quirks, and let your personality shine brighter than Gio’s chest at Blackpool Tower Ballroom. I promise, the photos where you’re belly-laughing or showing off your air guitar skills will be the ones that will have you saying ‘yes, thats who I want to show the world’.

5. Russell Grant’s Cannonball

Want to bring your favourite cactus or your trusty coffee mug? What about the company tandem? Heck yeah, let’s do it! Props add that extra oomph to your photos, and they’re the perfect conversation starter for, “Hey, why is there a fluffy duck in your branding pics?”

6. You floated across that floor like butter on a hot crumpet

Feeling like a fish out of water in front of the camera? Don’t worry, I’ve got your back (and your good side too). There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a quick practice of your poses in front of the mirror before your session but you should also know that I’ll guide you with moves that feel as natural as that one dance move you do when no one’s watching – you know the one! 

7. Action-Camera-2

Prep Like a Pro – Sleep, Sip Water, and Strike a Pose: Before the big day, get a good night’s shut-eye, glug some water, and maybe practice your Gangnam-style poses in the mirror. You’ve got this, and we’re all set to capture your A-game, even if it includes a hilarious behind-the-scenes blooper reel.

Three words. Fab U Lous

Alright, you gorgeous people, it’s time to show the world what you’re made of! Your brand photoshoot is a chance to flaunt your awesomeness and tell your story, quirks and all. So get ready to slay those poses, share a good laugh, and remember – disco balls and fluffy ducks are always welcome in the world of brand photography. Let’s do this.